weekly Time set

Hello,please help me.

Start time is the first Monday of each month.

Daily data are expressed by week,How to set the time?

for example:

input:5/1 100,5/2 200,5/3 100,5/4 200,5/5 200・・・6/30 100

want to output :May

            week 1 = 5/3(Mon)~5/9

            week 2 = 5/10~5/16

            week 3 = 5/17~5/23

            week 4 = 5/24~5/30

            week 5 = 5/31~6/6


            week 1 = 6/7(Mon)~6/13            

            week 2 = 6/14~6/20

            week 3 = 6/21~6/27

            week 4 = 6/28~7/4







  • What do you mean when you say the input data is "5/1 100"?
    If you have a line item dimensioned by time and data that has separate time values then you can import in to that line item easily. If the format is text as this suggests then you need to fix the source data so that it is in a better format to be consumed easily in to Anaplan.

    Can you elaborate on the issue a bit and the data, perhaps with screenshots?

  • Hi  @zbeat 


    Assuming the entire data is received as a bulk.

    1. Create a unique list based on the transaction data. 

    2. Create a module dimensioned by list created above and lineitems in the excel/source. 

    3. Covert/transform the lineitem in date form depicted above into the required week format.

    4. Now, use week formatted lineitem to pull the required data from the trasactional module using SUM/LOOKUP functions.


    Hope it helps.


  • hello.good day!

      the data:



    Weekly results are presented separately。