Providing different templates for input based on selection

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I'm currently working on a supply chain project.


We have a use case where we need to provide the user a template to input the attributes. But, the tricky part is not all the attributes needs to be populated for all the products. For example,

Let's say for 'Product A' only Attr1 and Attr2 is required in the template. Where as, For product B only Attr4 needs to be shown.

Product Aabc123  
Product B   xyz


Kindly let me know if there is an efficient way to implement this in Anaplan.


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  • @sgk6 


    You can either use Excel add in or create a Single template for all the attributes.


    If you want to use Add in then make sure you create Read/Write connection and all these attributes are within SYS module and not in the list properties.

    If you want to use Import then make sure Users input only those fields which need to be input and will keep rest of the attributes blank but the template should show all the columns for all the attributes.


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  • Thank you so much for your prompt reply @Misbah


    So, it is not possible to completely hide the attributes itself, right ?




  • @sgk6 

    You can filter the line items in the grid based on a systems module dimensioned by the product list and a line item subset of the module to be filtered. 

    Assign the correct line items to each product and use a filter line item to drive the update of the grid on the dashboard.

    Be mindful that you will need to create a saved view as it is not possible to apply a filter against line items in the ux.

  • Thank you for your response @ChrisAHeathcote


    Creating a line item subset will not be possible here as the line items to be filtered are not number formatted.


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  • Yes, my solution then will not work.

    Unfortunately, I am not aware of an alternative. 

  • @sgk6 


    You would have created an import mapping based on the template - once the import is set up you wouldn't want to change the template. I believe you can hide the column in the template but you can't delete it because deletion will throw the import off. And also since you would be working with .csv files hidden columns will be auto shown when you close and open it.



  • @sgk6 


    Just realized I am going into diff direction while answering your query - Well, do you have any logic of what attributes should be shown for which product - based on which you can use DCA .



  • Hi @Misbah 


    Yes, even I believe that the only option left is to enable DCA to control the attribute input based on Product.


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  • @sgk6 


    If the formats of the attributes are the same, then you can use a line item subset, you just will not be able to use the collect function.  In a "dummy" module, create those attributes as line items with a number format, create LISS Attributes.  In the above module, you can can now apply the LISS Attributes with the line item being of the correct format, but remember, since this line item spans all "attribute" members, they will have to have the same format.


    Suggestion, in the "dummy" module, create an extra line item named Total Attributes with the formula being the sum of Attributes 1 through 4 as this will act as a "Top Level" or. summary which can potentially help down the road.  If you do do this, make sure, in the blueprint, that the IsSummary check mark is not checked.



  • Thank you so much @rob_marshall !


    Let me try it out!