Getting future years


Hi Team


I need to get the sum of values from the next year of current period to rest of our time scale to other module which is not having time dimension. So, for this I am using timesum function.


For the entire time period(FY21-FY25) we can use timeperiod(lineitem) logic, but from the next year to rest of the year(FY22-FY25) we need to use timesum(lineitem,startperiod,endperiod). For this I can get Start Period i.e., Jan 22, but for getting End Period I need the number of future years in our model calendar in line item by using logic.


Can anyone of you please suggest any logic for getting future years or any other way for doing this.





Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote

    Create a systems module by years and count the number of years in the calendar or timeframe.

    Use SELECT to pull across TIME.ALL PERIODS.


  • @1635834 

    Hey Shirisha,


    I see you already have all period total ,Create a new line item and calculate current year total and subtract it from all Year total line item which will give you the sum of future years. This will be much quick.