Field Card drop down blank after selecting same value


In a New UX page, I have a field card with 2 drop-downs. 




If I re-select the same value from a drop-down, then the value no longer displays. For example, if I go to the Forecast 2 drop-down and choose "UAT Forecast" from the selector again, then the field displays nothing per screenshot below. All the data on the page that's filtered based on the Forecast 2 drop-down still behaves as if "UAT Forecast" is selected.




If I refresh the page (Alt+R), nothing happens. If I refresh the webpage (F5), then the value chosen for Forecast 2 ("UAT Forecast") reappears. 


Now, I know it could seem strange to want to re-select the same value from a drop-down, but sometimes you go to select a value and realize you still want the same value you previously selected. You can avoid this issue by pressing 'Esc' instead of re-selecting the same value. However, I'm bringing this up as a functionality issue because it's confusing for end users. 


I'm wondering if there is something I've done incorrectly in the build of the New UX page, or if is this a bug.

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  • m.angeles11
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    Hi @nicole.johnson… is this still an issue for you? I realise that this is an old post so am presuming that this is no longer an issue as I haven't encountered your described issue lately with all the enhancements in the New UX since your post.

    If you still need something answered, please respond to this post with your latest query, otherwise, I would suggest you click on "yes" to the question below my post to confirm that this question has been answered.