Field Card drop down blank after selecting same value

In a New UX page, I have a field card with 2 drop-downs. 




If I re-select the same value from a drop-down, then the value no longer displays. For example, if I go to the Forecast 2 drop-down and choose "UAT Forecast" from the selector again, then the field displays nothing per screenshot below. All the data on the page that's filtered based on the Forecast 2 drop-down still behaves as if "UAT Forecast" is selected.




If I refresh the page (Alt+R), nothing happens. If I refresh the webpage (F5), then the value chosen for Forecast 2 ("UAT Forecast") reappears. 


Now, I know it could seem strange to want to re-select the same value from a drop-down, but sometimes you go to select a value and realize you still want the same value you previously selected. You can avoid this issue by pressing 'Esc' instead of re-selecting the same value. However, I'm bringing this up as a functionality issue because it's confusing for end users. 


I'm wondering if there is something I've done incorrectly in the build of the New UX page, or if is this a bug.