CIM Phase II - Live


You must be aware that CIM Phase - 2 has gone live today. With the advent of this phase, User admins will be able to 

  • Create new users directly from Admin Console. Remember if the user has been added without assigning to any workspace then the user will be considered as a dormant user, meaning s/he will not have access to any model or workspace but will be present at the tenant level. Hence it will be a good practice to assign the user to workspace at the time of creation. Demo video
  • Add users to workspace and remove users from workspace. User admins can now add or remove users from the Admin console  Demo video
  • Enable or Disable Internal user accounts  If there are any dormant users at the tenant level then the User admin will be able to enable or disable these users.
  • Manage visiting user access Visitors are those users who have email ids different than the Default Tenant. 

Once the User is set up by User Admin, Workspace admin will have to provision the user access in the model. 

And if this User has to have WSA rights then the existing WSA also has to enable WSA rights for the new user within the model pane.