Dear Anaplan ... Why?


Dear Anaplan,

I love the new Model Experience, it's elegant, organized, gives me easy access to things I need and the search feature is amazing.
Unfortunately, I can't use the A+ Chrome extension with it. Why would you take that away from me 🙁?
My productivity is at least 10% lower. (shhhh don't tell my boss)

I understand that A+ and similar extensions are not "sanctioned" by Anaplan, But they are helpful. So maybe Anaplan should either come up with a similar homegrown tool or turn the other way while we use the available ones 😅
I find myself with an ultimatum, either sacrifice the new modeling experience or sacrifice A+
This request agrees with Anaplan's principle of making Anaplan easy to use by business users. 

If you are reading this and has been affected with this change or you just like A+ - or any similar tool honestly -, you can vote up this request on the idea exchange

So, Dear Anaplan... Why?