Provision to enter data in specific version in Report




I need to create a report with 3 versions actual,forecast,budget and the data is formula driven. But need to give  provision for the planner to override the  data only in forecast version which is calculated.Need  few suggestions to implement this.



Sri Nitya







  • Hi @SriNitya ,


    I presume that you have written the formula for the line Item

    Now follow the below steps to achieve the functionality.


    Step 1) Go to the blueprint view and set the formula scope to Actual Version in the line item.

     (Now the formula is only applicable to the actual version of that line item. Budget version will be fully editable and forecast version will be editable from the switchover date)

    Step 2) Now go to the versions tab, and set 'None' in the 'Edit From' and 'Edit To' fields for Budget version. Or you can set as per your requirement, making sure that 'Edit From' and 'Edit to 'time duration does not overlap the user input time duration.


    I hope it helps



  • SriNitya

    Hi Anand


    Thanks  for reply,


    But I am not using Anaplan inbuilt versions, I have created versions as a  list and only forecast version needs to be editable.




  • abhi1017

    Hi @SriNitya 


    I guess this can be achieved by filter based DCA.

    1. Create another lineitem override forecast.

    2. This lineitem should be only be editable when forecast version is selected.

    3. Apply DCA on this lineitem. Create another lineitem(boolean formatted) say Forecast edit  :- If Item(version)= Actual or item(version) = budget then false else true.

    4. Apply this in override forecast lineitem in Write section.

    5. Create a final lineitem where data is aggregated/pulled from the primary and override lineitem.




  • Hi @SriNitya,

    If you are using created versions, then follow the below steps.


    Step 1) Create two new line Items , Override?(boolean) and Override Value(number)

    Step 2) Write a formula in the line item for which you want to override the forecast version for

            IF NOT Override? THEN {Original formula} ELSE Override Value

    Step 3) Now check and uncheck the forecast version of the 'Override?' line item to achieve your functionality


    I hope it helps