Error while editing TOP LEVEL hierarchy

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I am not able to configure TOP LEVEL hierarchy for Product family list and Employee department list. screenshot attached.

 Due to the error in top level, I am not able to add the formula to Profit and loss report module. 


Can anyone let me know what i need to do or where I am going wrong..


  • Hi @Archita 


    It means you have a member called 'All Products' in your list. You'll need to delete this first, before you can add 'All Products' as Top Level Item. Same goes for 'All Departments'.




  • thanks for your reply.


    However, i cant see the All products and All departments under the general lists. 

    they are a part of the products and employees hierarchy. 


    attached herewith. 

  • Hi @Archita 


    I'm guessing you've inserted 'All Products' and the other Products into the list manually, and then you manually assign this manually inserted 'All Products' as the parent of the Products.


    This is the wrong way.


    You should delete the manually inserted 'All Products', then create 'All Products' as 'Top Level Item'. Same goes for 'All Departments'.




  • @Archita My guess is that you loaded the list from the file before you setup the Top level elements in the lists. This is why, uploading the file, the "All Products" and "All Departments" were added as elements of the lists and not as Top level. 

    As @LipChean_Soh suggested: you need to delete the existing elements "All Products and "All Departments", setup the Top level elements and reload the files. 


    Hope it helps


  • Thank you Alex and LipChean.
    I have deleted and updated correctly now.