Possibility for Data encryption during export


hi Community!

Our business users would like to protect exports from anaplan with a password.

So that, any time when they export a file with confidential information, it could not be accessed people without authorization.



Do you have any idea how this can be done in anaplan or using other technologies in addition to anaplan?

thank you !


  • @AleksandraE 


    you will need external tools definitely , One idea is you can use anaplan connect to export the files and create a separate batch file which will put password on your exported file. You can add the command in Anaplan Connect script to run the other batch file which will change your output file to a password protected file.

    here is a link which will help you to understand the script details to do so - https://superuser.com/questions/1365661/how-to-use-a-batch-script-to-zip-files-with-unique-passwords


    Second option is using an ETL solution, I am sure there should be some tool already in place which you can utilise to export files and make them password protected also.I have seen in past that ETL solutions have this capability.