Import Data into Historic Volumes Module


Hi All,


Please find attached the screenshots of the mapping I have done for the import process. But I am facing the error - Manual mapping is unavailable when number of items exceeds 5000. Because this I am unable to perform the mapping of line item "Volume".


I have used the file provided in the activity - https://anaplanenablement.s3.amazonaws.com/Files/Level2_onDemand/Historic+Volumes.csv

Seems like the file size is too huge because of it I am unable to map the line item and proceed to import but I am sure the mapping done is right.


It would be great if anyone can support on this.





  • Hi harshitha.narayan@sony.com 


    Instead of giving you the answer, i'll give you a hint, since you're supposed to figure out L2 model building on your own.


    Please take a look at your mapping.




  • Hi LipChean,


    Thank you for the hint! I rechecked the mapping and realized the error I was committing.

    I have made the changes and ran the import successfully.


    Thank you for the quick support!


    Thank you,

    Har**bleep**ha N.

  • Hi,
    I used the same mapping but in source 4th line , I am using column header.
    can you please tell me what u had mentioned ?
  • Hi @Abhishek90,

    I think for this kind of import where you have Data Values coming from only single line item ,
    you can choose "Fixed Line Item " in mapping,

    The Mapping window will give you an extra Tab which will allow you to select that Fixed Line Item for Import.

    - Rohan
  • Hi,

    same error for manually mapping exceeds 5000, can you tell me how to solve it ?



  • Hello @WCH , pivot the source in data hub so that you can map source line item to target line item. The below import mapping is for your reference.