Lesson 7 importing employees


please help me to correct the format exactly with anaplan screenshot given in leaning centers




for example i need SHALA ENGLE in first column



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  • Hi @Richa1740 ,

    You can do it in two ways


    Possible way 1: Drag and drop the Employees under their respective parents.

    Possible way 2: Go to the grid view and assign the parents from the 'Parents' column to these two orphans


    I hope it helps




  • Hi @Richa1740 ,


    It seems like your employee list is loaded in that way only. Kindly check your Departments and Employee list. Your Departments list should be in the below order








    If your list matches the above order, then when you import the Employee list it would settle in the same sequence as shown in the training screenshot.


    I hope it helps.



  • yes it is in the same order which has been told ...only problem I am noticing that SHALA ENGLE and SHINDI WAGER is out of the list like no parent .

    How to show them in sales department ?

    Please help