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When I first came upon the topic of LIS, even though I understood the how of its functionality, the why was still not clear.  Created some notes, sharing the notes only here. Additionally have use case examples which I'm not posting yet.  But let me know if anyone wants 😊. Please bear in mind I am a fairly new learner too and so if any corrections, please share knowledge. Also these were my personal notes hence a bit rough on aesthetics!







  • @Shashikala 


    This is the correct understanding for LIS. 


    One more use case where LIS can be used is when you need a filter on Line items. 


    For example: You have Line A, Line item B, Line Item C and Line Item D. Now if there is a requirement that in the dashboard if end user wants to see it dynamically (wants to see only LI A and LI B/ LI C and LI D or any combination) then we can use this module to create LIS and use that as filter by creating filter module where you will have only Show? as line Item dimensioned by LIS.




  • Hi Swarupa,


    Yes, have used it for line item filtering, thank you for reaching out.


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  • Arnab116


    Really liked the way of explanation. It will be very helpful if you share more use case examples. I am also learning new ways and techniques to explain Anaplan from your posts. 



  • Glad to hear it is of use 🙂.


    Will pull out use case example screenshots and post within 2 days.


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  • Arnab have deliberately created this example in excel to bring out the logic, keeping it simple helps to concentrate on the logic.


    Also one example for now, will post another one later.  But basically the way I understand LIS is, once the line items are converted into list, you can do all things as you would do with other lists 🙂




    Using the Level to show feature a detailed P&L from the same module



    Let me know if you want me to include another example 🙂

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  • Arnab116

    Very in depth explanation using real time scenario. I learned new a thing today where we can LIS as a hierarchy. Your examples are very relatable with real projects.

    Very helpful. Keep it up.



  • Thank you for the feedback, happy to share 🙂


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  • Hi Arnab,


    There has been a mistake on my part, it comes from limitation of my understanding, apologies sincerely. LIS cannot be put in hierarchy. However you can still get the effect as described in the example - Detailed P&L and summary P&L.

    Below is screenshot of the module from which I created LIS



    Then I created a module dimensioned by the new LIS and added one boolean line item per below



    Then I went back to the original module from which I created the LIS and applied a filter per below



    You can toggle the filter on and off for detailed or summary P&L.

    Apologies again, hopefully this explanation sets it right in your mind too. 


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  • Arnab116

    Got it. I was having same doubt while i was trying to implement in Anaplan. But i have a scenario in my mind  where 

    If i wan't to make Dashboard where there will be "Selector" providing 2 options 1. Totals 2. Subtotals

    If I select the option 1. Totals

     --The output grid will be only the Total Line items.(Gross Profit, Total Expense,EBIT,Net Income)

    If I select the option 2. Subtotals

    -- The output grid will be all line items excluding Totals.

     How can we implement this?




  • Misbah



    Good that you are applying your thoughts on LIS, I would recommend you to go thru this beautiful article already published  as best practice article



    There are 7 different use cases already explained here. If you think yours is not part of it, please post it here we will be more than happy to discuss it further.





  • Arnab116

    Thanks @Misbah for the guidance.