Error while importing data country.csv


Can any one help me on the below error.





  • khoonks

    Did you look at the error log?

    Can you check the mapping and the delimeters while importing?

  • Hi @imsuraj ,


    It seems like the parent i.e. Geos L1 is not getting mapped correctly for the 4 countries. And the Geo that is not getting mapped is APAC. Below might be the possible reasons 


    1) While creating the Geos L1 List, you might have missed creating APAC

    2) If APAC is present in your Geos L1 list, then it might be a possibility that APAC did not got mapped while importing the csv file in the mapping table.


    Try to re-import the file with correct mappings.


    I hope it helps.



  • imsuraj

    Thanks all for your support:)

    I was bymistak wrote APCA instead of APAC which leads to the above error