Anaplan Connect Export script



I am getting error when I use the following script for exporting


@Echo off
set AnaplanUser="XXX"
set WorkspaceId="XXX"
set ModelId="XXX"
set Operation=-service "" -auth ""
-export "ABC" -execute -get "D:\ABC.csv"
rem *** End of settings - Do not edit below this line ***
setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion || exit /b 1
cd %~dp0
if not %AnaplanUser% == "" set Credentials=-user %AnaplanUser%
set Command=.\AnaplanClient.bat %Credentials% -workspace %WorkspaceId% -model% %ModelId% %Operation%
@Echo %Command%
cmd /c %Command%



The error I get is "Using Class-Path: C:\anaplan-connect-2.0.0\anaplan-connect-2.0.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar
2021-05-31 12:29:14 ERROR 22232 |-- Options are:", followed by a list of options


Is my script incorrect?


  • The script is correct.
    Could you show or detail more of the error - if you have not already resolved this?
  • Shawnm

    Hi @MarkWarren ,


    Thank you for replying. I was able to solve the error.

  • Hi @Shawnm are you able to share what your fix was? I am getting exactly the same error and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong!

    Thank you! 

  • In Shawnm's case it looks like a stray percent character in the command line.