Integration of Data from Anaplan to Power BI.


Hello All ,

My source is Anaplan data , i extract the data in CSV and do run a R-script for unpivoting the columns and then connect the updated CSV file to Power BI. 

Now , i have requirement to connect the data directly from Anaplan to Power BI.

Any Suggestions ?


Thanks for the help in Advance. 😄


  • Hi @saivivek,


    The below article might help you to integrate Power BI to Anaplan.



    I hope it helps,



  • Thanks Anand ,


    But this article doesnt speak about integration with R-script . 


    My concern is that the data from Anaplan needs some trimming of data like adding a new column and unpivoting few columns and then need to connect that output to Power BI.

  • Hi @saivivek ,


    I'm quite sure that you should be able to replicate all of the data transformations with Power BI's Power Query feature. Have you tried to do that? 



  • In the power query it is throwing error for that action and the error says action timed out.. because i have around 2,00,000 rows and im unpivoting it
  • @saivivek 


    You can try to make the query with a limited amount of data once you publish the PB report online it's able to process quite a bit more data. Maybe could be an option for you. 


    By the way, what is stopping you from having the resulting view in Anaplan?