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Hello, I have a situation, I have a list named "BOM Lvl 1", with the parent "plant sku", and these parent have a "total price".


Then, I have another list "SKU Plant Price" where the "Plant SKU" is the same in two lists , and i need to accumulate the total price in these new list:


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Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    Firstly transfer the detail held in the properties of list BOM Lv 1 List. Dimension a module by the list and create line items to accommodate the data. Link directly to the properties in the list to pull the data into the module.


    Secondly, use LOOKUP in the BOM Lvl1 item property using the Plant SKU property as the mapping. 


    This will pull through the value of the parent held in the module created in the first step.