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I would like to know if somebody is out there to help me with a problem 🙂


Each month we make a Sales proposal in our source module (in the version Plan Proposal).

After approval of the proposal, the values of the plan proposal should be copied to a different target module.
We need to copy the values starting from the planning month till the end of the year.
So, for the plan period February, we plan from February till December 2021.
This means the import task should select the values from February till December in the source module with custom version 'Plan Proposal' and copy this to the target module to target version 'Plan February'

(See example picture below)


In March, the target version should be 'Plan March' and the period should be march till december.

Via a time filter selection, I am able to create a view that only selects the relevant periods to copy.
However I do not know how I can create a dynamic target version for the copy.
Is there anybody with an idea how this could be achieved?


Thanks in advance for your help and time 🙂




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  • ChrisAHeathcote

    When you map your dimensions between source and target you select the process to ask each time the import is run. Here you will be prompted to select the target location before letting the process continue. 




    As far as I understand there is not a way to do this dynamically.


    A workaround could be to link the source and target module in a formula using a mapping to map the source dimension into the target. 

    Then to lock it down run an action to post from the formula driven line item into another where it can be locked from editing. 

  • jo_maassen_1
    Answer ✓

    Hi Chris, 

    Your second option worked perfect. 

    I created an extra line item with the required target version as a selection option in the dashboard. 

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Best regards, 



  • Hi Chris, 


    Thanks for your quick response!


    I was aware of the option "ask each time", but i did not like this option because in the process we run 6 imports. That would mean that for each import you have to select the version. If there is no other option then this would be the solution.  

    However you came with another option that made me happy 🙂

    Your second solution is definitely an option for me. I will implement this and update you about the result.

    Thanks already for your help