Looking up a module populated with same numbers


Hi I'm trying to lookup data in the format below. My LOOKUP formula is working but the issue is its only picking up the first record (Product P1). P2 and P3 are ignored as the numbers are the same. While this is counterintuitive, I need to work with data like this as the duplications could be either genuine or in error but the point is to read them "as-is" without second guessing their authenticity. How should one get LOOKUP to work in a situation like this or perhaps I should be using a different formula?




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  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @ClarenceAndre ,


    It doesn't matter if the data fields are duplicated. If the formula is correct, Anaplan will always pick up the correct value without a doubt. 


    So coming to your matrix, if you want to fetch the value of a product for an account for a particular quarter. You need to apply lookup on both account and product. The formula might look like Value[Lookup:Account formatted line item,Lookup:Product formatted line item] for a specific quarter. If you don't have time dimension in your target module, you can use one more lookup using a time period formatted(quarter) line item. I have attached few items for your reference


    I hope it helps