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I have created an export view from my INV01 module.  I've been able to deselect the hierarchy for the products but when I try to deselect levels for time the option is greyed out.  I've tried pivoting the view and that still doesn't work.  The export looks like the example except for the monthly summary. Can someone help me understand why it's greyed out?



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  • abhi1017
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    Hi @LStinsa 


    Deselect levels for time is possible for custom time.

    1 .In order to achieve the export view, create a boolean lineitem in SYS01 time settings, create a logic in this lineitem w.r.t to the time be seen in the export view. 

    2. Use the lineitem created in SYS01 Time setting module to filter the time dimension in INV01. Save the view.




  • wandis

    Hi Leah,

    Could you upload some screenshots of your modules to describe your question?


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  • LStinsa



    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, work has gotten busy.  Thank you for the help!  That solved my problem.  I had been trying to use one of the existing line items and none of them were working. Now it makes sense.  


    Thank you.