NUX - Access to pages to specific people inside a Role


Hi all

Access (or restricted access) to pages are managed by role, but in this case, it includes all people attached to this role.

Is it (would it be) possible to deselect people inside a role to give access only to specific ones?

Thank you

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  • GONI
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    Hi @Philippe,


    I hope you are workspace administrator, If yes then click on board designer 'setting' as below 


    Once you click on that select page setting drop down option. Then window pop-ups and select Restrict access tab. Then select restrict users, along with roles.


    One thing to rem, the role grouping must be done in the backend(in your case create specific roles), only those u can restrict. So at last users with roles will have access to the page and vice versa. 


    Hope it helps.





  • GONI



    Yes, It is possible. You can give access to specific page by specific user.




  • Shields

    In New UX, the page access flows over from the model access given to each user in the Anaplan Model JCPenney Kiosk. There's no need to set page access separately for each user as of now. 

  • @GONI thank you for the quick reply.

    Can you explain to me how please?

  • @Shields thank you to you too, but your answer sounds different from GONI's no?

  • Hi @GONI 

    thanks a lot for your reply, very clear.



  • Not sure if I understand the question right has you seem to be happy with GONI reply but the answer is no, access is by role and not by user.


    If within a role people don't have the same access then they shouldn't have the same role, because they will see the same dashboards.


    The only thing that might allow for that is if different dashboards use different models, in which case you can remove the access to those people to that model and they won't see the content of the dashboard, but they will still see it.

  • Thank you  @nathan_rudman 

    yes I wanted to give access to specific people, whatever they are in a role or not, and it's clear now that it's not possible. I have to create different roles depending on the access I want to provide.

    thank you again