Pasting Multi-Line Cells from Anaplan to Excel


I'm experiencing an issue where copying multi-line cells from a default module in Anaplan does not properly paste into Excel.  In the attached image, I'm copying three rows from Anaplan to paste into Excel.  Instead of pasting 3 rows, the second line within each cell of the "Admin Comment" column is shifted down and to the left.  The final result blends the columns and produces 6 rows.


Does anyone have any tips/ideas on how to resolve this while still using the Ctrl+c/v functionality?




  • Hi @braden.morrow 


    I think the line break caused the problem that you're facing.

    You'll have to use the Anaplan Export function shown below, you'll have to test the different options available for the format you want.






  • @braden.morrow 

    You could also use the Excel add-in which will not only allow you to export data into a worksheet but will also allow you to write back into Anaplan.