Exporting summary calculations from Anaplan to Tableau



I have an Anaplan model whose data I'd like to see in Tableau.

A lot of the line items that I want to see are ratios, and in my Anaplan model they are recalculated at summary levels.


  • North: 25%
  • South: 15%
  • West: 30%
  • East: 45%
  • Total Company: 29% (not 115%!) 

I've read the documentation here and it advises turning off the summary levels in the export for efficiency reasons, but doesn't say whether turning it on would give summary data that could be loaded into Tableau.

Has anyone out there tried to do this, and managed it successfully? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.


  • @steve.mainprize 

    You can use Ratio summary method to do so. You will be able to define the line item which should be calculating the ration which is giving you percentage.



  • @abhay.kanik Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I know how to calculate the ratio in Anaplan. My question is whether it's possible to transfer my Anaplan ratios at summary levels to Tableau.