Actuals load time


Can anyone share how long it would take to load ~20M records of actuals into Anaplan ?


  • Hi @gpajjuri ,


    Time taken to upload the data considerably depends upon the quality, type of the data, where you are uploading (list or module) and various other factors. I would suggest you to go through the below article before uploading the data or creating a process or a module to accommodate the data.



    I also upload my actuals and it takes roughly less than 30 secs. Its considerably a huge csv file, but unsure about the no of cells though


    I hope it helps



  • Thanks Anand!
  • Hi @gpajjuri 


    On top of what @anand.shekhawat said, which is good advice. I would also suggest that you look into Data Hub because 20M cell points sound like a data load from an external system into Anaplan.


    Please refer to the following best practice on Data Hub




  • That’s right LipChen - loads of actuals and operational forecasts will be sourced from external sources, the implementation is in process and will use the spoke / data hub architecture; Have any of you loaded large record sets in your implementations. Thanks!
  • Hi @gpajjuri 


    Yes, loading a large amount of data into Anaplan is normal, but just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    If you refer to the Data Hub best practice link i attached in the previous message, you'll see the following:




    After we established the data granularity we need, then we need to work together with the customer IT department to arrive at a desired format. I find that talking to IT at the start of the project helps. Also we should inform IT that it's ok to provide some initial data files that they already have to get the ball rolling, we don't need a perfect format immediately. The important thing is to slowly modify the data files with IT as part of the sprints.