Level 2 - Sprint 1 - Lesson Creating Historic Volumes Module




I'm unable to import data into the DAT03 Historic Volumes module. PFA screenshots.  As far as my understanding, the data is not being loaded because of the volume mapping. There is no option for mapping the volume. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong and how I can resolve it.


Thanks in advance.




  • Hi @TamparaDora ,


    Map the 'column headers' to the Volumes. And then select the correct line item in the 'DAT03 Historic Volumes Line Items' tab, probably it would be 'Volumes' only provided you have created a Volumes line item in the DAT03 Module.


    I hope it would solve your uploading problem




  • Thank you @anand.shekhawat. That helped.
  • These are some common problem faced by new learners

    1. After running the action. 9.1 throws error. Under process 9.1 volume is not mapped
    2. Links are not updated, need to refresh the same

    Rahul Sharma
  • I am following the same instructions as above but I am still getting the error Invalid like item identifier:volume. 

    Please advise.