Level 1 Training: Unable to load data in Employees module

Hi Guys,

I am following level 1 training, but at the step 7.2.3 Activity: Import Data into Employee Details Module, I am unable to load data as it is shown in the snapshots.

The issue is E2 Employees# list is a numbered list, so getting confused on its mapping with the target module. Second thing is the source file has country code, but the module is shown populated as country name after the import. Can you please help how it is happening? 

Attaching the files for reference. 

Expected Output:



My Mappings:




What should I select in source for numbered list coz taking employee column, it throws error and if I do not select anything, then it does not let me run the import.






  • @amit15 


    In your Import Mapping, Map Employees on Column 2 which is "Code" & NOT with Column 1 (Name) since it is a numbered list.



  • Thanks @Misbah for your response! This worked.


    But can you help me understand the logic behind this? How does this work?

    And while data import, does anaplan by default maps the code with list elements? e.g. in the file, we have dept and country code, and I manually mapped these codes with respective lists. But in the cube while populating data, it populated actual country and departments, not their codes. How does it work?


    Thanks in advance!

  • @amit15 


    Employee list which is the dimension of your module is a Numbered list which means you can have repetitive names in the front end (but system generated unique identifier in the back end) which can't be used for mapping - hence the only way you can map numbered list is its code. Although Anaplan maps the code it but displays the Name that is provided in the list item.  For more information please see this Numbered List 


    The above logic applies to any other list format of any line item.


    Hope that helps