Level 1: 8.5.3 Activity- Unable to import data in Volumes module


Hi Guys,

I am unable to load data in Volumes. The issue is that file is loading sum of all the columns into single month.

e.g. in Jan'19, data for Jan'19 from file should load, but it is first summing up data from Jan'19 till Dec'21 and then adding that number in Jan'19. Same process repeats for all months. 

Can you please help where I am missing? Attached is the file and screenshots. I think something is wrong with Time mapping but not sure what.


Import Setting:






Best Answer

  • Vinay VaradarajM

    Hi @amit15 ,


    From the 2nd screenshot, it seems that there is a dimension mismatch between the source and target (as a subsidiary view can be seen on Volumes line item. I suggest the dimensions be set right in the target (Product, Location, Time), and retry importing.