Level 2 FP&A Build Guide for lost Level 1 Model


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 I just completed the level 2 sprint 3 exam and I need to rebuild the level 1 FP&A model. I followed the given instructions, Level+2+FP&A+Build+instructions.pdf (anaplanenablement.s3.amazonaws.com) however I'm running into a few issues... I built my P3 SKU list and the DAT02 SKU Volumes Module in the FP&A model, but the first direction for the DAT02 SKU Volumes Module is to populate the created line item "Volumes" by importing Volumes from Supply Chain Model, but I'm not sure which module to link to. I don't think it's the DAT03 Historic Volumes, should I be pulling from the DEMO3 Demand Forecast: Final Forecast line item or another module? Just trying to build this out so I can finish the conclusion exam! Thanks for the help!


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    Hope you managed to find the answer to your question. But just in case, you might want to read through the instruction again as you need to build up additional module in the Supply Chain model. Hint: DEM04 Demand