List Subsets vs LISS


I am new user trying to optimize mapping a model to avoid the issue with multiple IF/THEN formulas described in the following link. I have been trying to map my model using list subsets, but found the article deals with line item subsets "LISS".

I would like to understand if this methodology based on "LISS" is also applicable when working with List subsets.


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  • Hi - List Subsets "Subset" are essentially breaking an existing list and its members down into "sub lists" - for example if you have a list of employees you might have a 'LIS: Employees Sales' and 'LIS: Employees Non-Sales'. This can ensure that a calculation module (or any module downstream) which is only relevant to sales employees doesn't unnecessarily include ALL employees.


    A Line Item Subset "LISS" is when you create a list off of line items from an existing module. This is typically used in reporting use cases. For example if you want to take a P&L module, and include the P&L line items in a LISS called LIS: P&L, you can include line items such as Revenue, COGS, Margin, OPEX, SG&A, Net Income , etc. You would then apply the LIS:P&L to a new module and use the COLLECT() statement along with logic for which version was selected. 


    - See attached blueprint views.

    - See picture below, ignore the %'s as they are not correct.




  • Thank you @Brett.Francis , I am trying to solve a mapping issue where I thought LISS would be useful to aggregate subsets coming from two different lists. But this methodology seems to only be referred to be used with line items. I was able to create the LISS using two modules each one with their own list. But when trying to use collect() it's obvious I still have to create some mapping. I have not been able to add the two line items in the 200 modules (attached mapping)

    Do I need to work on a mapping module with list formatted line items? or is this something to resolve at the list level with properties?


  • Hi @CommunityMember117943 


    I suggest that you describe the problem you're facing in an excel spreadsheet, before attaching a screen shot of the excel here along with further descriptions.