Issue with swapped data in 12.4.4 Activity: Create Saved View for Profit & Loss Report


Hi there - I've got a question for activity 12.4.4


It appears that my data is swapped in the actual and budget columns. Being new to Anaplan, does anyone know how to untangle this? How can I correct the data? Any step by step instructions would be appreciated. Thank you!


  • Hi @tsanpedro ,


    Looking at both the screenshots, it looks like your 1st screenshot is the correct representation of the data and the second screenshot is the swapped one. So coming to your formula the 1st part of the if else statement is pulling the data correctly in the Forecast version. The issue seems to be in the else part, so I would recommend you to please verify the data in the Actual and Budget version of DAT01 Module.


    I hope it helps