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I am creating a dynamic user list, wherein I need users with a specific designation (A). 
Now i created a module, applied a filter and filtered all users with designation A which is populated into my list 'Users with A' however when a user who is updated into the list ('Users with A') but later is changed from designation A, does not get updated in the list ('Users with A'), despite re-loads. 

Can someone help me to figure how do I remove the users from the list ('Users with A') that are no longer having designation A.

Thank you

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  • abhay.kanik
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    Create a line item Is latest in your first module which will be boolean and will be true for the users with designation (A), You can put formula for that easily.

    Now create a module with your target list ('Users with A') as a dimension and add a line item in that module same as is latest?, Reset and Delete? . All Boolean

    Keep formula in reset as false  and in delete put it as not(is latest?)


    4 Actions will be required - 

    Action 1 - Import Reset  into is latest? in the second module with list ('Users with A'). It will be import in same module from reset line item to is latest? line item

    Action 2 - Same import action you have to create list

    Action 3 - Import from is Latest into is Latest? - This action will import the line item is latest from first module to second module.

    Action 4 - Delete using selection - Create a delete using selection action for the list Users with A with delete parameter as the Delete ?  line item and your old users will be removed which does not have designation A


    Put it all in a single process and it will work.

    let me know if you need more clarification




  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @Sachinsourav02 ,


    I would advice you to use a subset because deleting and adding items into a list might cause you to lose the actuals/planning data.


    1) So create a subset on the manually created user list.

    2) Create a module using this list with a Boolean formatted line item.

    3) Write a formula in the Boolean which only checks when u have the designation 'A' against the user.

    4) Update the subset using this Boolean by an import action.


    And there you go, now you can use the subset anywhere as a dimension, it will have only those users which have designation 'A'. Similarly you can create for other designations as well if required.


    I hope this helps