Line items missing in Waterfall

I have a module with 5 line items , A,B,C,D,E where C= A+B and E= C+D . Module is dimensioned by 3 lists L1, L2 and L3. All the list have multiple levels and lowest level is used. a waterfall chart is published in classic UX with line items in rows and all the lists in Pages. In development environment its working fine

After deployment to production we found out that only for 2 items in whole hierarchy of L3 which are at level 2 and level 1 the items C and E are disappearing from the waterfall.

Any Idea why this would be happening?

My understanding was if it was working with one item in hierarchy then it will work for all.




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  • abhay.kanik
    Answer ✓

    Figured out the issue,

    If your summary line item does not have same number format i.e. significant digits and decimals also then this issue comes. 

    made it same and it was working.