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I am having one requirenent where i need to copy data between versions of one department and one product combination data ..how can i achieve that



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  • Misbah
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    You can not cherry pick the selections with Bulk Copy. You can use Bulk Copy Only if there is a need to copy the data from one list item into another or from one version member into another member of version. It is a Model Specific feature meaning the copying will happen across all the modules where the list or version is being used as a dimension. However Bulk Copy Feature can not be used when you have to cherry pick (i.e., one particular Product/Department Selection) the selection. 


    In order to copy the data from one particular intersection you can use filter on module, create a saved view and then use that saved view to import it into another module.

    Note: This is module specific and You will have to do it in all the modules one by one



  • anand.shekhawat



    I second what @Misbah has said, but if you are working with only one module i.e. copying the actual version data into the budget version of that module. You can pull the export out for the specific combination. Then create an import action to feed the data back into the same module where the import would be set in such a manner that it will prompt you to select the combination of product, department and versions.


    I hope it helps





  • Hi @Vam1992 


    If you're using native version, then you can use the 'Bulk Copy' function in 'Versions'