Impacts of copying or importing a model



When copying or importing a model to a different workspace within the same tenant, it’s important to understand all the pieces that are impacted by this action. It's commonly thought of as 'moving' a model. However, the reality is that a completely new model is being created with a new model GUID.

Understanding the implications outlined below will help you collect the direct impacts that copying/importing your model will have on the Connected Planning ecosystem.

NOTE: This article is for moving a model within a tenant and not across tenants. If you need to move a model from one tenant to another, please reach out to


Below are the main considerations when moving a model to a new workspace. There are also considerations for other purposes such as testing or demoing in the other considerations section.

Universal considerations

  1. Import Actions between Models: All imports from downstream models that are using your model as a source will need to be remapped. Since copying or importing a model essentially creates a completely new model, the Import Data Source will still be connected to the old model and will need to be remapped to the new copied model. 
  2. NUX Apps: Copying or importing a model does not create a copy of any apps or pages linked to the model. Existing pages will need to be remapped to the new copied or imported model through the NUX interface. NOTE: Remap all Apps to the new model BEFORE making any changes in the model. Making name changes to module or line item names that are referenced in the app will make it more difficult to map.
  3. Automatic Data Imports: If you're using any systems like Informatica to automate data pulls, you will need to update the logic to reference the new model, or create new automated loads if both new and old model will continue to exist
  4. History Logs: History Logs will not be copied over to the new copied or imported model. 
  5. Copying to Set-Up ALM: If making a copy for testing or sandbox purposes, always use the copy for the Development version and keep the original model for production.
  6. ALM Version Tags: If you're using ALM, the version tags will not be copied over to the new copied or imported model. There is no way to copy these to the new model currently.


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