Anaplan connect Model to Model import


Hello All,

I am looking at the Anaplan Connect documentation and I see the section Model-to-Model import which mentions the option to import from list and module. 

How about importing from SAVED VIEW. In cases where we want to import only certain items via view, how would we use Anaplan Connect to import. Also, the document mentions import ID in step #3, however, I dont see the import ID being used in the script. Am I missing something here?

Any way to import views?



  • Hi @khoonks,


    I believe I understood your question. When you create an import, the source and target are inherently saved as part of the import definition. 


    As you know the way to create your imports is always in the target. When in the target, click "Import", then here the dialog window will popup. Here you can pick "Saved View" and choose the desired Saved View you want. 


    Once the import is created the import definition is saved meaning, the import will always pull from the Saved View in the action every time you run it. 


    So in Anaplan Connect, when you specify the import, what you really are specifying are the source and targets for the import along with the action ID.


    Let me know if that helps clarify.

  • khoonks

    Hi @DaanishSoomar 

    Thanks for the response. However, if we have two views in source module pointing to two views in target module where the two views are to be integrated at different time (due to requirement), how would we be able to integrate? The logic you have explained does not work.

    Moreover, in the Anaplan connect document, in the (model to model import section), it mentions that we need to make note of import id, however, the import is not referenced in the model to model import script and this is where I am confused at. Thanks again.

  • khoonks

    @DaanishSoomar - Please ignore my previous comment. I got the question answered. Thanks