1.6.3 Activity: Create Distribution Center Parameters Module issue


While importing the data into the module the data is getting ignored instead of updating.

I cannot clear this issue can u help regarding this.it is getting as ignoredit is getting as ignoredmy mappingmy mappingresult no dataresult no data


Best Answer

  • Hi @Akshara ,


    When you go in the blue print view of the DAT04 Module. Kindly check the dimensions of the main module and the 'Weekly Safety Stock' line item. Both should be exactly same. My intuition says that you might have missed to change the Time Scale of the main module to Half Year. Kindly see the below screenshot for reference.


    Make sure all the dimensions are same and then try to run the import again. You will surely get the data imported.





  • Hi @Akshara 


    First please check in the line item you have created has a subsidiary view created. 


    Kindly check, if it should be there or not, or you are missing some dimension there.


    Secondly map the 'DAT04 Distribution Centre Parameters line items' to column headers and select the appropriate line item in the 'DAT04 Distribution Centre Parameters line items' tab in the dialogue box.

    Now run the import, the data will pass through.


    I hope it helps




  • still the data is ignored. how to remove subsidiary view for this module. I created this module based on the given instruction belowgiven instruction to create this modulegiven instruction to create this modulemodel calendarmodel calendartime rangetime range

  • Thank u so much. Its working