L2 DAT03 Level 2 Sprint 1


Hello Community,


I am currently having difficulty figuring out where I have when wrong with the L2 DAT03 Historic Volumes module. The lesson states that the time frame is FY19 (which I have selected), and I have imported the csv file fine, but the module is not showing FY19. Instead it is showing FY20 & FY21. This is causing my SYS13 to show no data (or maybe that is another issue).


I have attached screenshots showing that I have selected FY19, and so far in the lesson I have not received an error. Is it likely I'm missing a setting, or was one of the previous lessons likely done incorrectly? I've been going over my work, but I cannot seem to see where I went wrong.


Thanks for the help!


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  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @geoffplan ,

    When you look at the screenshot you have shared. The 'Volumes' have a subsidiary view created that means the module dimensions and the line item dimensions are mismatching. 


    Probably it would be the time settings. So go in the blueprint view and make sure the time settings for both the module and the line item is set as 'FY19'.

    Now reimport the csv file.

    You will get everything working now.

    (I assume you have created the time range 'FY19' with correct settings.)


    I hope it helps





  • Success! Thank you @anand.shekhawat! I will need to keep this lesson in mind going forward. I had assumed the time scale that I selected in the "Setting" tab would have carried over, but I will not remember to check.