Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


in this run process in getting as below picture. Can u help in thisDoubt.png


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  • Arnab116
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    Can you check the set up for 9.1 import in imports tab whether its imported properly.




  • thank u


  • i am still facing same error
  • Check the source object whether the imported model is the same name as you modified with downloaded Data Hub model.

  • Hi There,


    I am also facing same error even after checking that Imported model is having same name.


    PFB Screen shots.







  • I think ** Your name ** is not the name of your datahub that you have created. Please find the name of datahub that you have provided to the workspace

  • Having the exact same issue. Can someone help?


  • Hi

    It worked out well in 9.1 but same issue coming in 9.2