Update the added list Item name from Dashboard




I am using action Create to add item to a list from dashboard. It is adding the item as a number. (For eg #59), but I want to add item with a proper name to the list.

Q1. How to add item with a proper name from the dashboard using the action button Create.

Q2. How to delete a single created item from dashboard only.





  • Misbah



    Answer 1:

    Open the Numbered List that you are using in the module. Click on Properties and add a Property- format the property as List (highly recommended) or text. Name it as Property Naam

    Go to General Lists->Scroll Right and you will see Display Name Column, click on it and you will see all Properties including Property Naam in it. Pick this property

    Open the module and add a line item called Line item Naam. Publish this to the dashboard

    Go back to the Property Naam and Write a formula in the formula bar of the property. Module.Line item Naam


    Answer 2:

    Create a module (Mod 2) dimensioned by the numbered list and add a boolean formatted line item. Publish this on the dashboard

    Go to Actions->New Action->Delete from List using Selection. Fill out the details

        First one - Name as per you

        Second one - Pick the Numbered list

        Third one - Pick the module (Mod 2)

    Publish the action on the dashboard 



  • You are using a numbered list and this is why you are seeing # when creating a new list item.

    The easiest solution to this is to publish a module dimensioned by the list and include a line item where you can update the display name.

    Create the display name property for the list and use a formula to pull the display name in from the module.

    Create another boolean line item in the module.

    Use delete from selection action and use this boolean to inform the action.

  • @ChrisAHeathcote @Misbah 

    Thanks, that worked. 

    But now I am facing issue with the code for the newly added item to the list.

    Initially the code for the existing items were added from another source model. But for the new added item I have created the code with reference to the parent code and the name of the new item.


    Could you please suggest how can I align the created code with the newly added list item.


    I tried using import action but it is not working.





    To add the code you will need to create an update template in a module and import this into the list.