Level 2 Sprint 1 Activity 1.3.4

Hello guys, 


I'm having trouble completing activity 1.3.4. 

I think that I'm supposed to refer to SYS05 for the region code when importing the parent to SYS06. Below is the capture of my mapping. After running the import, the "Region"  line item on SYS06 is still empty. 

Your tips would be much appreciated. 


Thank you 





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  • Hi @zolzaya ,


    My bad, sorry about that. I thought that you are concerned about the SYS06 Module of the Level 2 Model.


    So yes you have to import this file into the Data-Hub. You have to flow only the region details into the module. So try to import the file again. The Mapping in the screenshot is correct. Make sure you map 'Parent' and 'Region' in the 'SYS06 Country Details Line Items' tab. 





  • Hi @zolzaya ,

    Looking at the mapping of the screenshot. The file that you are trying to upload is to be uploaded in the Country List.

    The SYS05 & SYS06 module doesn't require any imports. All the fields are formula based.


    I hope the above hint helps.




  • Hello Anand, 


    Thank you for your response. 

    However, The activity instructs to import this file into the module.




  • Thank you millions @anand.shekhawat  🙂

  • @zolzaya 

    Glad you got it working