Import Issues


Hello all,


I am having some issues in importing the data for Level 1 Lesson 10.2.2. I have made the module correctly but when it comes time to import the data I keep getting the following error messages. Is my matching correct or have I made a mistake somewhere? I have attached screenshots below. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!




  • Hi @RPawar ,


    You have to select Column header for time, click on the time to map the correct period type.





  • Hello,


    Your time mapping showed in the image is the issue. Map "Time" with "Column headers" instead of Column 4 that you're currently using.

    Once you've updated the mapping, go to next tab i.e. TIME and select Time period format same as the source which is YYYY-MM and then try loading the same.

    I am attaching one of your error screenshots with my comments for better understanding. 


    Hope it works for you.