Level 2 - Sprint 1 - Data hub - Check Your Work - not getting data as expected


What is expected: Check Your Work

After completing the import processes, the G3 Location list in your Data Hub model should look like this example:



but what i get is: 😞


Below are from other lists:

G1 Region:


G2 Country:



i feel i missed something in the G2 Country, but please check the above screen shots and advice where have i gone wrong and what should be done to correct this.



Best Answer

  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @robin80son 


    My intuition says that you have not set the parents correctly. Follow the below steps


    1) First of all delete all the orphan list items.

    2) Go to the General Lists.

    3) Select the appropriate parents of G2 Country and G3 Location. That would be parent of G2 Country would be G1 Region and the parent of G3 Location would be G2 Country.

    4) Now try to import the correct data into G2 Country and G3 Location list with appropriate mapping.


    I hope this helps





  • Thanks for your suggestions,
    Did this initially itself while we create the G1, G2, G3 lists.


    now deleted all the items again as suggested by you and also also repeated importing the data and manually mapped the parents,



    Please let me know if that would cause any issue later.