Import Data into G2 Country List - Mapping Issue


Hi - I'm trying to map data for Import Data into G2 Country List 


Attached is my screenshot.


Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong? I keep getting invalid parent. 


And if you can explain why we should map things to where they should go, that would really help for the future. Thanks!


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  • tsanpedro
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    Do you know how to populate it? I did everything via the instructions.


  • Hi @tsanpedro ,


    The mapping seems to be correct. This error comes when there is no parent available. Kindly check your G1 list, if its populated or not? If not then please populate the G1 list first.


    I hope it helps



  • Hi!


    I believe G1 is populated correctly?


    Still getting invalid parent.

  • Hi @tsanpedro 


    Your G1 Region list is blank in the screenshot that you have shared.




  • Hi @tsanpedro ,


    You can create it manually also, just use the insert button to add the G1 List Items


    Now go in the grid view and enter the respective codes as shown below


    Your G1 Region list is ready. Now you can import the G2 List. Also make sure you have set the parents correctly in the general lists tab as shown below.


    Now I believe all your imports should work fine




  • Thank you so much!