Anaplan Model Builder Level2: - Import Data into DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters


Hi all,


Hope somebody could assist me please.

I am trying to load the data into to achieve activity


I picked Time tab = "Match names".


The file loads says Success Import Complete, but 1484 Ignored and 0 Updated.


There are no failures to display so I have no real suggestion of what has gone wrong.


Can anybody help - I have attached screenshots.


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  • LeeC

    I fixed my own issue - changed Time import to Periods and put in custom Period as ?H???YY and this worked successfully

  • I think this solution (set to time scale 'half-year' ) is better then first one. I forgot the check the time scale this is actual so important on Anaplan model I think



  • HI


    Instead of Column 2 - Code, select SKU Flat, others are file. try for it

  • I had a same issue and this approach works for me! Thanks

  • THE REAL ACTUAL SOLUTION is to change the Time Scale of the Line Item in Blueprint view. The column is right next to the "Applies To" Column.