Microsoft Excel Add-in 4.2 Issue on Data in Excel




I hope you're doing well... 


I just have a quick question on Anaplan MS Excel Add-in 4.2.




1. In Anaplan, I set up a workflow such that, when the data is submitted, the data will turn from blue to black, which means cannot be edited anymore.

2. When I set up a connection in Excel Add-in, those cells that were locked in Anaplan, still shows as Blue in Excel. 

3. Is this behavior normal? When I tried to update in Excel and attempted to Send /Refresh to Anaplan, it did NOT take the change, so that is FINE. 

4. But from a user's standpoint, it still confusing since they are under the basic knowledge that if a cell is locked in Anaplan, it's black... and therefore should show black as well when connected to Excel Add-in.


Thank you so much for any feedback.






  • MagaliP

    I am sorry about that. As you've pointed, it's all secure from a data perspective but I agree that the user experience isn't ideal. Please raise this with our support team ("add-in help" > "contact support") and they'll investigate/notify you if/when this gets fixed.