Formula to get a Line Item formatted as a List based on a Trimmed data field


I am importing data with a field that has the names trimmed from a list. What formula can I use so that that rediscovered name corresponds to the name of the list in Anaplan?.

Let me try to show this example:


Data TXT File:

Crititcal Line Abrev Field:


Anaplan List:

Critical Line List:
Credit and Income


What formula I need to use to create a Line Item formatted as a List [Critical Line List] based on Crititcal Line Abrev Field?.

Thanks a lot for any recommendation.


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  • rob_marshall
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    Use what you have in Data text file as the "codes" for the Anaplan list members.  When importing into the line items, in the mapping area, you can specify the code and it will automatically find the corresponding list member.




  • Thanks Rob for your quick replay on this. In some way your answer solve my the issue so much appreciated. My concern still is if there is also another possible solution considering that modifying codes could be a manual job that could still impact our stored Actions and current automatic processes.. I was wondering on curiosity if I could still use a System Module or some other intermediate process that allow me to make the connection in between an abbreviated Data that is a LEFT 5 digits of an List Member. Thanks again for your help!!



  • @gsmerilli 


    The best solution is to use codes, plain and simple.  That way, you can name it whatever you want in Anaplan while still keeping the "audit" part in sync with your source system.  Now, whether you have the code like in the text file or true numbers that you should have in a proper source system (which is best, but usually coming from a source file of csv you won't likely have), doesn't really make a difference.  The bigger deal is to use codes, they will save you in the long run.


    Hope this helps,



  • Absolutely it helps!! Thanks!!