Hierarchy Build - Parent and Child are in same column


Hi All,


I am faced with this hierarchy where P1 and P2 are parents and Prior Items are Children of it.

I am bit confused how to build this hierarchy in system as data for both child are in same column in file.

Does anyone has an idea how I can accommodate this?

Consider structure of data exactly same as the image.








  • @abhay.kanik 

    How will you differentiate between parent and child? Do you have a code or any other specific property that indicates A,B & C are children of P1?




  • You need to find the distinguishing property between the 2 different levels and then use a flat list and systems modules with filtered saved views as intermediate steps to achieve this. Taking the above as example-

    1. Import all items into a list
    2. Create system module with codes and a filter (Code is not blank)
    3. Create 2 views:
    a. Filter = False, for import of parent (P1, P2)
    b. Filter = True, for import of child (A, B, C.. )
    4. Import data from above

    Disclaimer: above is subject to consistent data structure in future.
  • @abhay.kanik 


    Please check out this training video: Hierarchy Management 305






  • @abhay.kanik 

    A few thoughts;

    1. Change your source data so that the parent and child are separated and easy to distinguish. This is by far the simplest approach from the perspective that Anaplan can convert the data easily into a parent and child relationship. However, it is rarely a simple task from the perspective of the source system. 
    2. Create a single list from the data then from this list the parent and child lists. Therefore, it will be a two step process of import the list flat is it is then creating a series of further imports to build the hierarchy. You will need a system to differentiate the child items from the parent. This can be achieved via a formula or manually. Once you are able to do this create two saved views; the parent view and the child list view. You can then wrap the actions up into a process and publish this to a page.