Can i create a Time Range with 3 months




I am looking for a functionality to setup time ranges with 3 or four months, is it possible?





  • Hi @Suman Reddy 


    No, you cannot have a time range with just 3 or 4 months, the smallest unit in Model Calendar/ Time Range is 1 year.


    What's the business case that requires ONLY 3 or 4 months?

    Why can't you have 12 months, and then use 3 or 4 months?




  • Thank you @LipChean_Soh  for the Reply, See below business requirement.


    I have created supplier bid module, which will be used by various suppliers. This bid process will happen only for 2 months in a year and I have take back of daily modification by individual suppliers during this 2 months time. If i give full year range it is increasing module size with various other dimensions in it. That is why i am just looking for 3 months time range so that i can save the memory.



  • Hi @Suman Reddy 


    I understand, but unfortunately we can't define a Time Range than's shorter than a year.


    I'm not keen to suggest using a Fake Day list without knowing more about the business requirement, i.e. formulas, mockups, problems faced, etc. You should close this topic, and create a different topic if you need some suggestions from the forum.


    But you should know that while a Fake Day list can help save workspace, some of the most powerful Time related functions in Anaplan are not applicable.




  • @Suman Reddy have you thought about having a 3 or 4 year time range and align each "year" to a month. This from @DavidSmith might prove a helpful read through.

    Then you get all the benefit of time periods functionality (and not needing to use fake time) whilst minimising the model size


  • Thank you @andrewtye.


    I have not seen this earlier, I will check this one.