Number format in the line items



I have a problem with formatting a line item.

In the source/input module I have a many line items, some of them are presented as % and some of them are as normal number (No problem here, because I change the format per line items accordingly).



In the OUTPUT model, I used these line items as LISS and pulled them into Forecast, BBP, Variance. The problem is that the format for all line items is the same as I set for example in Forecast, without division into % or normal numbers.
How can I change this? What workaround can I use?


Thank you for support me in this case! 

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  • @Dominika_Dudzinska 

    You can use two interdependent LISS to achieve what you are looking for. 

    Firstly, create a LISS from the line items of your second module which currently uses a LISS from module one.

    Add this LISS to the first module. We now have to interdependent modules linked via two complementary LISS.


    Now return to the module which you had tried to use as you final report; the one containing the LISS which was not giving you the correct formatting, this is module 2. Now instead of using this as your output module use this to map data in from the various source modules. Use a systems module dimensioned by the LISS to map data into each LISS item. 


    Now back to module 1 use COLLECT() as a formula in all line items which need data to pull the data across from your new source data in module 2. Use regular formulas for summaries and totals.


    This will allow you to create a report where line items can have different formatting. 


    However, differences in formatting is only possible across a single axis. It is not possible to have difference in both a horizontal and vertical direction. 


  • Hello, 

    @ChrisAHeathcote  thank you for the clarification. I have one question, when you wrote:

    " Use a systems module dimensioned by the LISS to map data into each LISS item. " 

    -> Should I create a system module with LISS from module 2 with the correct values?


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  • @Dominika_Dudzinska 

    Create a system module using the LISS which contains the detailed line items. 

    So if you are creating a P&L it would be the LISS which contains; revenue, cost of sales, overheads etc.

    Then use this mapping to map the data from the various sources.