Is there a way to view Months then Quarters then Years in a Module Applies to Time


Hi All,


I have a Module which Applies to Time. Attached Screenshots.


=>The possible view for the Timescale is Jan Feb Mar Q1 Apr May Jun Q2 Jul Aug Sep Q3 Oct Nov Dec Q4 FY


=>But is it possible to have a view like this Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 FY





  • @SreeroopAchanta 

    There is not a current setting that can allow you to reorder the time settings and have this apply as a default.

    However, it is possible to manually reorder the location of the time summaries by selecting in order the relevant time items while holding down control and using the 'show' function to show them in that order.

    Note, that you will need to repeat this each time you roll the model forward into a new year as the show function will not automatically update.

  • Hi @SreeroopAchanta 


    As @ChrisAHeathcote  mentioned, there's no standard settings that allow you to show the time by Month, Quarter, Year.


    Having said that, do see if the following workaround work. Note that the following only works if you're only showing 1 year's worth of month, quarter, year.


    1. 'SYS Time 2' is a system module used to indicate the month, quarter, year of a specific FY you want to display. For mock up purpose, i've manually selected the months Jan 20 - Dec 20. One can easily create a formula to refer to another FY drop down.


    2. Select 'Totals = After'.



    3. Set up filter to refer to 'SYS Time 2'.'Current Year?'


    4. Hide 'All Periods' if you have this member in your model calendar.







  • Hi @SreeroopAchanta  & @LipChean_Soh 

    I just discovered that in the new UX, you can pick where you would like to group time subtotals by clicking on a time period and then selecting the "Total Position" icon. 

    Then select group at the end. 

    Capture of grouping time periods at the end.PNG

    This would also work for showing more then 1 years worth of data.



  • Hi Sreeroop,


    I have an idea you can try. You could create a fake time list with either

    Jan, Feb, Mar... which branch into Q1, Q2... with a top level FY (if you only need to see 1 year at a time) otherwise you create Jan 21, Feb 21... Q1 '21... FY21 and so on if you need to see more than 1 year.


    In my example I'll do it for 1 selected year:

    Create a mapping between Fake Time and Real Time, both ways. I have attached images to show how you'd go about this, including the list itself.


    Then in your main module you will refer to the mapping. (See Result image).


    Finally reorder the list items for your Fake Time. Or in my case, since it's just 1 year, I can just "group totals after" data. Please see the images to makes sense of this all.


    Hope this helps!




  • Correction in my last sentence: "Group at end" 

  • I recently came across a solution to this.  If you pivot all of the data into the page selectors and leave time in the columns you can select the row, sort and pick group at end.  After that is complete you can pivot the data back to the way it was originally.  This method also works with time synchronization.