Anaplan Mulesoft Connector v3 - Please specify the following parameters: -mappingproperty Period:?


Hello All,


I am using a v3.1.0 connector for Mulesoft integration and trying to invoke an import action.

The metadata for the import action shows that it is a type: MODEL.


    "meta": {
        "schema": "<modelId>/objects/importMetadata"
    "status": {
        "code": 200,
        "message": "Success"
    "importMetadata": {
        "name": "IMPORT - Name",
        "type": "MODEL"


However, I need to pass a period value for the import action. From the existing operations: Execute import only do not have an option to set any value and it is failing with the following error:


"localMessageText" : "An internal error occurred: Please specify the following parameters: -mappingproperty Period:? "


Also, I tried with Execute import streaming but it fails at file lookup. 
I see that the connector is calling the api internally. 

So, with the V3 connector, how can we accomplish invoking this import action along with the mappingproperty being passed?